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The NNKC is proud to announce CLONE WARS!!  Coming September 19-21.  We will offer many WKA Clone classes. More info to come in the coming months. If you have any questions, please contact Brian Rivera through this website. 


2014 Championship Points

2013 Championship Points



April 13th Points Race #2
April 25-27 Mini Moto USA
May 4th points Race #3

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Jr 1 Clone
1. Bech Marshall
2. Brandon Apodaca
3. Aiden Hawkins
4. Jake Guzelis
5. Austin Smith

Sr Clone
1. David Schilt
2. Kelsey Michael
3. Shannon Wyman
4. Scott Andrews
5. Alec Beaudoin

Tag Novice
1. Shawn Kerns
2. Del Hardy
3. Jeff Solvason

Jr Clone 2
1. Taylor Uchytil
2. Zachary Rivera
3. Jeremy Kay
4. Pandora Garcia
5. Kaleb Nilsson

Kid Kart
1. Jack Ridgel

1. Kelsey Michael
2. Kelly Chinander
3. David Schilt




Tag Masters
1. Mike Ryckebosch
2. Steve Ryckebosch
3. Kevin Marshall
4. John Ryckebosch
5. Eric Westenburg

Formula 80 Sr
1. Mark Nason
2. Brian Hicks
3. Cody McKinney
4. Jesse Gwin
5. Steve Dow

Formula 125
1. Mark Nason
2. Todd Thompson
3. John Morgan
4. Matt Koerner
5. Chelsi Wagner



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